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Spring Hangers are designed to isolate low frequency vibrations in suspended piping and equipment – preventing transmission of vibration to the building structure through the piping systems.  The products incorporate a color-coded steel spring for ease of identification in the field. Load ranges from 21 – 8,200 lbs. and up to deflections of 3″. Custom sizes and deflections up to 5″ available upon request.

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It is mainly used for the elastic support or suspension device of the power pipeline or equipment with vertical displacement, which is used to compensate the small displacement of the pipeline or equipment in the vertical direction. Variable force spring bracket or hanger is generally used by the pre-tightened (pre-compressed) spiral cylindrical spring, in the whole displacement range according to a certain stiffness (elastic coefficient) to the pipe or equipment to support or suspension. At the same time, it can adapt to the thermal displacement of pipeline or equipment, can also absorb the vibration of pipeline or equipment, play a certain damping. Variable force spring bracket or hanger follow MSS SP 58 specification and GB/T 17116-2018 specification, usually there are two installation forms of support and suspension, or can be specially designed according to the actual needs.
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Our company offers pre-compressed, 30° angularity and pre-positioning hangers. Our pre-compressed designs are pre-compressed to the rated deflection so as to support the suspended equipment or piping at a fixed elevation during installation regardless of load changes. The angularity hangers have a 30° misalignment capability, spring diameters and hanger box lower hole sizes are sufficiently sized to permit the hanger rod to swing approximately 30° before contacting the box. Pre-positioning hanger designs incorporate a means for supporting the suspended equipment or piping at a fixed elevation during installation regardless of load changes as well as a means for transferring the load to the spring.

The product also offers the capability to incorporate eyebolt hardware to accommodate duct strap connections and/or pencil rods, when isolating ductwork and suspended ceilings.

Features & Benefits

Loads from 21 - 8,200 lbs. with static deflections up to 3” provide flexibility over a wide range of applications
Pre-compressed and pre-positioning hangers offer quick and easy installation in even the most challenging locations
Lower hanger rod on some models enables a 30⁰ swing to compensate for rod misalignment and prevents short circuits to the hanger box
Color-coded springs provide easy identification of spring hangers for installation and inspection


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