Constant Hanger

  • Constant Hanger

    Constant Hanger

    There are two main kinds of spring hangers & supports, variable hanger and constant spring hanger. Both the variable spring hanger and constant spring hanger are widely used in the thermal power plants, nuclear power plant, petrochemical industry and other thermal-motive facilities.

    Generally, the spring hangers are used to bear the load and limit the displacement & vibration of pipe system. By the difference of the spring hangers’ function, they are distinguished as displacement limitation hanger and weight loading hanger.

    Normally, the spring hanger is made of three main parts, pipe connection part, middle part (mainly is the functional part), and the part which used to connect with the bearing structure.

    There are lots of spring hangers and accessories based on their different functions, But main of them are variable spring hanger and constant spring hanger.