R&D tasks

(1) research and research on key technologies

1) research and development of the third generation of viscous fluid dampers. further improve the reliability and longevity of the product.

2) repeated superimposed damping product characteristics study. explore the fatigue characteristics of damping media and find solutions.

3) research on friction and eddy current combined shock absorbers, active shock absorbers and hybrid valve system shock absorbers. it is used to solve the vibration noise, stability and safety problems of rail transit.

(2) development of new products, new processes and new technologies

1) break through key technologies so that high-end dampers no longer rely on imports. the company's existing third-generation energy dissipation damper technology will be further deepened and the achievements will be transformed, so as to achieve industrialization and break the monopoly of foreign brands.

2) research on new products for rail transit vibration reduction and noise reduction, such as the use of friction, eddy current energy dissipation damping technology instead of rubber products, the use of active technology instead of traditional passive shock absorbers, the use of hybrid damping elements instead of single structure shock absorbers, in order to solve the vibration noise, stability and safety problems in rail transit, to fill the domestic gap.