‎During the development period, Jiangsu ROAD Damping Technology CO., Ltd. has established in-depth and extensive school-enterprise cooperation with guangzhou university, tongji university, southeast university, xi'an university of architecture and technology, huazhong university of science and technology, southwest jiaotong university, kunming university of science and technology, dalian university of technology, etc.‎

‎On this basis, the engineering center has established a deep cooperative relationship with the team of professor zhou yun of the public safety and disaster prevention and mitigation research center of guangzhou university and the team of professor chi maoru of southwest jiaotong university. committed to the construction of research centers, it is planned to train 3-5 masters in energy dissipation damper technology, 1-2 doctoral students, and 2 to 3 adjunct professors of enterprises. Through the combination of production, education and research, we will establish a high-level professional talent training base. During the construction period, more than 5 visiting scholars and trainees will be admitted, and 2 to 3 technical special trainings for engineering and technical personnel will be provided.‎