The project of the The No.1 People’ s Hospital of Yiliang County in Yunnan Province

The project of the The No.1 People’s Hospital of Yiliang County in Yunnan Province

The No.1 people’s hospital of Yiliang County is a public hospital which established in 1936. It is a professional and modern hospital for level two A class. And it is awarded as one of “the 10 best hospitals in Kunming City” The whole project covers an area more than 27.27 mu(more than 18180 square meters) with construction area more than 81706.15m2 which is the new hospital built in 2012. The new hospital is consist of a 24 floors inpatient building, a 6 floors outpatient building, and a 7 floors multiple-use building. The whole project is invested for more than 80 million dollars in total and equipped with the most advanced damping technology. Our company provided the whole set of the damping solution and damping devices for this project.

Service Condition of VFD: Viscous Fluid Damper

Working Load: 1200KN

Working Quantity: 144 sets

Damping Coefficient: 0.15

Operation Stroke: ±50mm


Post time: Feb-24-2022