Taiyuan No.5 Middle School New Campus Project

The new campus of Taiyuan No.5 Middle School is located in Taiyuan City(8 degree of Seismic Precautionary Intensity), Shanxi Province. Its total area of structure covers more than 83861.41 square meters and was invested more than 41,300,000USD in total. And was started building in 2015. Its main buildings include gymnasium, teaching buildings, complex building, refectory, dormitory, and report hall. It also use the viscous fluid damper and buckling restrained brace as the solution of anti-vibration.

Service Condition of VFD: Viscous Fluid Damper

Working Load: 295/300/330/390/500/530/550/800KN

Working Quantity: 367 sets

Damping Coefficient: 0.2/0.3

Operation Stroke: ±50mm

Service Condition of BRB: Viscous Fluid Damper

Model Numbers:



Working Quantity: 35 sets

Working Load: 2162/1384KN


Post time: Feb-24-2022