Project of People’ s No.1 hospital of Suqian City

Project of People’s No.1 hospital of Suqian City

People’s No. 1 Hospital of Suqian is a public Grade III Class A( highest level of hospital in China) hospital in Suqian City, Jiangsu province, which is totally invested by the government and finished in 2015.

The hospital covers an area of 330 acres of land, its total area of structure covers more than 220,000 square meters. The main building of the hospital is 22 levels and 89.6 meters high. Suqian City as a city with 8 degree of Seismic Precautionary Intensity, the hospital use the VFD as the anti-vibration solution. Our company is the supplier of damping solution for this project.

Service Condition of VFD: Viscous Fluid Damper

Working Load: 950/1100/1200KN

Working Quantity: 253 sets

Damping Coefficient: 0.2

Operation Stroke: ±45mm


Post time: Feb-24-2022